FastFWD: effortless geo-targeting, A/B testing, URL forwarding

Split traffic to multiple pages with just one link


Use cases

  • A/B Testing

    Want to compare which version of your landing page is better?

    We'll split the traffic, you keep the one that converts more!

  • Geo-targeting

    (coming soon)

    Serving different content to different regions? Selling in multiple currencies?

    Say no more! Each visitor will see what's relevant to them.


Q: Is it really fast?
A: It is fast. Unlike most similar tools, we rely on server-side redirects. This means visitors don't have to wait for page load only to get forwarded to another page right away.
Q: Is it easy to set up?
A: FastFWD is a truly no-code tool. You won't need to change or add a single line of code on your website. You will create all your forwarding rules in our friendly interface.
Q: I already run A/B tests via my analytics tool or website builder. So is FastFWD of any use to me?
A: FastFWD can still help you. We play along well with other URL forwarding tools. Our redirects happen before the visitor reaches your site. Once they do, you can use your existing tools (or keep using FastFWD links on your site, if you prefer).